Cheap and beautiful very hard to find around the world similar chance you will win at casino.

If really cannot met girl you like at australia we will eat the mobile phone because is imposible.

Still have chance to see pretty girl with cheap price but when she see you fell scare she will decide to run aways due to cheap (cheap normally have pretty but imposible to have pic ,if must see just simply sent to you only)example  if i tell you put male escort 100 dollor ,i think you dont want to put too, make sence!!!,, if male escort 1000 dollor should be no problem!!!!

Will do 4 type of verify base on experience :

1)Photo verify

2)Young verify 

3)beautiful verify ( 90 people will like is call beautiful = slim, petite,pretty face, not old )

4)nationality verify ( russian, italy, australian, korea, japanese )

5)Cheap dont want verify

So many girl when take picture are not pretty but when real met is very pretty .this is another big problem again.

was wonder why sometime cannot find pretty girl online,we get the point now.beutiful girl never disclose privacy. so young verify,slim verify and nationlity verify is to settle this You both will be happy.

According to most success people Jphn C.Maxwell say if you can get what people want you will get want you want .might be this mission is very hard .but we will try our best 


Australia girl are more then boy , student girl are more then boy too , even thourist you will see one daddy one mom and two daugther or all is woman , when interview for a job sure you will met a girl first, go bank bank in money mostly you see is girl, hungryjack girl alot too. ooh so many girl . if you say you no money we trust , but you say cannot see girl you like we not trust!!!!!!