1)Advertise (Free)

2)Boost up (Free)


Software verify system

1)Pic verify (easy)

2)Young verify (easy)

3)Beautiful verify ( 90 percent people like consider beautiful verify, normally is slim petite and pretty face) (hard to verify)

– walk at street have someone looks consider beautiful , example if you at train you find our have man look at you, but when you           stear at him, he looks like dont know and turn aways . ( That mean you must be amazing )

4)Nationality verify (easy)

5)Cheap (dont need verify)

Your pirvacy is important to us , just want to verify some real information.

Email : updategirlconnect@gmail.com 

Snap chat : auscracker2020 

Contact : Best admin: (anan)

Only can verify pic at night time ,sorry (because website are too affortable so we have to work other job at the morning and this just a part-time. problem with post add ,delete add or other pls email to us at night .olympics record 9.9 sec . we will do in 9.8 sec !!

Our site  just accept one complaint =  Beautiful or no .( Other not accepted )