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Hotel Or Service Apartment

Due to i find out hotel are so expensive .Do you have any cheapar and comfortable hotel can recommend i prefer rent by hourly or half days!!!!


I want to see girl or go out with my girlfriend .but might be i am too tired of work or nerveous or i am old .do you have any doctor or friend can suggest to me so i can become strong again pls!!!!


I want book outcall . how do i make sure is young and pretty girl come to my house .because nows days earn money is very hard i dont want waste money.


I am australian why i all the time see old chinese, can you tell me pls i am not understand. i am nice guy.I am indian i want see indian girl but very hard to find do you have way. i am from korea i want see korea girl but all the time i see is chinese girl what can i do.i am asian i want see pretty western girl how to make sure.i am form euro & england i want size 6 slim 160 tall petite fair skin big boob how do i know where is her. i am chinese ,where do i find petite western girl pls...i am from other country but the main point is we want to see pretty girls !!!


i have never been to brothel before .i want to know which one is better .i can have more choice and young girl.pls suggest

Australia what the most expensive!!!

House, car , cost to do business, electicity bill, food ...... Noo beautiful girlfriend is most expensive .because you will never know how much money and time you will spent only can make her happy .even today she is happy but tommor she will not happy again if have money i decide have a normal girlfriend if i have time i stay with my mom and start my see girl journey.Better then we lost money on casino.......

Type Of Man At Australia

Have 3 type 1)Business man or do business before he have money he understand how much pay how much get .(easy to get girl) 2)Man no money but willing to spent money (easy to get nice girl too) 3)No money but nice he know he pay abit money so no need girl do too many style.(easy to get girl)


Both met must full of respect <..>